Our Staff

Our staff are committed to providing all of our students with the best possible academic, social and emotional education. Our staff provide a safe learning environment so that our students are engaged in learning, take risks and express their creativity and confidence in pursuing their personal goals. Our staff are committed to delivering high quality learning and teaching practices, to maximise the potential of every child so they can all strive for their very best in everything they do.


Our staff develop students to grow andthrive. They foster happy, independent, confident and resilient young people to be in the best possible position when they leave their primary education journey and embark on the next phase of their education and life journeys.


We view teaching as a dynamic profession and, as new knowledge about learning, teaching and school leadership emerges, development in expertise and skills are required by us. Our teachers engage in ongoing professional learning in order to continuously learn and improve teaching and learning practices including how learning taught and how learning is assessed. Through professional learning our staff keep abreast of new knowledge and use it to continually refine conceptual and pedagogical skills practices for improving student learning.


Our school is structured into highly motivated PLC teaching teams (Foundation, Year 1/2, Year 3/4, Year 5/6, Specialist team and Educational Support Staff) Our teaching and curriculum teams regularly plan and evaluate teaching effectiveness and student learning outcomes, recognising that the two go hand in hand to ensure students are gaining the best possible education. Our teaching staff participate in weekly whole school Professional Learning that keeps us abreast of current teaching pedagogy and methodology. Staff observe each other’ s practice and receive feedback through our Peer Observation Model.