Library Hub

Our Library Hub is a safe and relaxing space, where we use our imagination while we listen to, discover and read stories that feed our curiosity by learning about the world and beyond.


The school library can enable students to achieve better learning outcomes, help improve students’ literacy by offering reading opportunities, and provide access to quality reading experiences that foster reading for pleasure.


During Library classes students listen to and discuss a picture story book that could relate to their current Unit of Inquiry. We are all about creating a love of reading in our students. Students may learn about an aspect of the Library or information gathering and then they have the opportunity to browse and choose books to borrow before some silent or shared reading time.


The Library Hub has had an upgrade in 2020/21 with new comfy furniture, books and resources for all students. Students enjoy their time looking and sharing some of their favourite books. A number of books have been purchased through the recommendation from our students.

Students also have the opportunity to explore:-

  • Fiction/non-fiction books/comics/magazines.
  • Looking @ different authors and genres.
  • Character study & author intent.
  • Looking at the many types of illustrations in books and what message they convey.
  • Using technology to support library lessons.
  • Incorporating drama, music & play based learning for students to learn rhymes & traditional stories.


Our students love coming into the library Hub during lunchtimes and are eager to attend the ‘Bunch Munch Book Club’ that is run by our older students and different staff.