Kids Clubs

At PVSPS, we recognising the importance of play in children’s lives, as a school we have worked hard to promote positive and quality play opportunities. We believe that play is at the very heart of our philosophy and crucial to the development of a child. We have a responsibility to ensure that everyone has sufficient time and space to explore and participate in a range of play activities as part of our every student's education and in pursuit of developing the ‘whole child.’  




The Grade 3 students, have been nominated to oversee the Kids Lunchtime Clubs. The Clubs are an initiative to give students the opportunity to engage and participate in activities that they enjoy and are passionate about, socialise with groups of multi-age students, ‘take a break’ from the playground or try something new. More importantly, PVSPS Kids Clubs promote:

  • New friendships
  • Engagement in teamwork, co-operation and collaboration 
  • Opportunity to increase interests, knowledge and skills 
  • Increasing feeling of safety whilst at school 
  • Decreasing loneliness 
  • Learning social cues and opportunity to practise social skills 
  • A feeling of happiness and a sense of belonging.

There are a number of activities and clubs available to students to participate in and changes every term. Some of these clubs include, Origami, Drawing, Lego, Library- Book Club, mindfulness colouring, making jewellery, gymnastics, Dinosaur Play, Trains City Play and playdoh club.


Gardening club, Choir, Guitar, dance club and School Band are also offered to our students. These are run and supervised by classroom teachers and conducted across the week, some open for specific levels of children, others for anyone who is interested.